Rocky slopes and canyons, cactus, grass, thorny shrubs, and the occasional tree, who could guess at the hidden treasures deep underground? Beneath the rugged land are more than 117 known caves formed when sulfuric acid dissolved the surrounding limestone.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is in the Guadalupe Mountains. The primary attraction of the park is the show cave, Carlsbad Cavern.

When we ran our aviation business here in Carlsbad we were asked so often about the caverns we though we should open a restaurant/bar called The Carlsbad Caverns. That way we could, with a straight face, provide directions. It would be in a dark basement, of course. The waiters and waitress would wear spelunker's short canvas pants, helmets with carbide lights, and hiking boots. We'd serve things like Mud Pie.

Maybe we'll do that in our next reincarnation, or if we move to New Mexico, where the real Carlsbad Caverns are located--about 750 miles from here.

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